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Policies and Questions

Shipping Policy 

Sprinkled. thoroughly packages your cookies inside a bakery box that is then placed in a stuffed shipping box. Every box is filled tightly with shred paper to minimize any possible movement when shipping. Although your cookies are packaged extremely tight, breakage is still possible. Unfortunately, when your cookies leave my hands, I can not control how they are handled. Please keep in mind when you are having your cookies shipped that breakage is very rare but possible. Sprinkled. is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages throughout the shipping process.

Pick Up Policy 

Sprinkled. offers the ability to locally pick up your custom cookie order! If you live in Santa Clarita or anywhere in LA county, arranging a pick up is very fast and easy. Once your order and pick-up date is confirmed I will work together with you to decide on a reasonable meeting place and time. Please keep in mind that Sprinkled. has numerous cookie orders going out on the same day and week. If you wish to change your pick-up time or location you must contact me ASAP by phone or email. Please avoid contact through social media messaging as it is too difficult to track down messages from several platforms.

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