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Policies and Questions

Shipping Policy 

Sprinkled. thoroughly packages your cookies inside a bakery box that is then placed in a stuffed shipping box. Every box is filled tightly with shred paper to minimize any possible movement when shipping. Although your cookies are packaged extremely tight, breakage is still possible. Unfortunately, when your cookies leave my hands, I can not control how they are handled. Please keep in mind when you are having your cookies shipped that breakage is very rare but possible. Sprinkled. is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages throughout the shipping process.

Pick Up Policy 

Sprinkled. offers the ability to locally pick up your custom cookie order! If you live in Santa Clarita or anywhere in LA county, arranging a pick up is very fast and easy. Once your order and pick-up date is confirmed I will work together with you to decide on a reasonable meeting place and time. Please keep in mind that Sprinkled. has numerous cookie orders going out on the same day and week. If you wish to change your pick-up time or location you must contact me ASAP by phone or email. Please avoid contact through social media messaging as it is too difficult to track down messages from several platforms.

  • How do I place a custom order?
    Visit the ORDER page to place your custom order using the order form. After submitting your order form you will receive a response via phone or email regarding the details of your order.
  • How much do your cookies cost?
    Visit our PRICING page to view the cost of cookies by the dozen. One dozen ranges from $55-$65. Two dozen ranges from $95-$105. As you will notice, the higher the quantity that is purchased, the cheaper the price per cookie is. The more you buy the better the deal!
  • How much notice do you need for a custom order?
    For all custom orders I need AT LEAST two weeks notice. Although Sprinkled. would love to accept every order request received, that is just not possible, especially if little notice is given. Two weeks or more allows for enough time to confirm your order details, receive payment, and decorate your beauitful cookies to your exact specifications. We want to make sure you get exactly what you want, and we need enough time to execute those requests! RUSH ORDERS: If we do accept an order under the two week mark it will be classified as a rush order and a rush fee of $12 will be applied to your order total.
  • How do I pay for my custom order?
    After your order details including designs, date of shipment/pick-up, price, address, etc. are confirmed, you will recieve an invoice via email displaying the breakdown of your order and the total cost. Your invoice can be payed via credit card or PayPal. Disclaimer: Your order is not completely confirmed until we have received your payment! Once a payment is receievd you are good to go!
  • Where are you located?
    Sprinkled. Cookies is located in Santa Clarita, CA just outside of Los Angeles.
  • What is the best way to stay up-to-date on Sprinkled. annoucements?
    1. Subscribe to our mailing list! Scroll to the bottom of any page on our website and simply enter your name and email to start receiving annoucements about upcoming Sprinkled. events, classes, preorders and more. 2. Sprinkled. posts daily on Instagram and Facebook! Scroll to the bottom of our GALLERY page to view our live Instagram feed. Or click the links in the top right tool bar to travel straight to our social media pages.
  • Do you offer cookie decorating classes?
    Yes! Sprinkled. offers cookie decorating classes for all ages. Visit the COOKIE CLASSES page for details about cookie classes and class policies. Holiday cookie classes are offered as well as private cookie classes. If you would like to inquire about a private cookie class held in the comfort of your own home, please email for details and questions. Holiday cookie class dates are announced through our emailing list and through Instagram and Facebook.
  • What flavor are you cookies?
    Sprinkled. is currently offering classic sugar cookies topped with vanilla flavored royal icing. New flavors are coming soon!
  • How are your cookies packaged?
    All custom cookies come individually wrapped and sealed for freshness. You will receive your cookies in a bakery box filled with shred paper to avoid breakage. Disclaimer: Sprinkled. cookies are packaged very thoroughly! We take every step necessary to ensure your cookies stay in one piece, however once they leave my hands I have no control of them. Whether cookies are being shipped or picked up, please keep this in mind. Breakage is very rare but unfortunately with any baked good, it is possible.
  • How long do your cookies stay fresh for?
    All Sprinkled. cookies are packaged in an individual sealed cello bag. They can stay fresh at room temperature for about two weeks if kept in their packaging. Freezer Option: If you would like to keep your cookies fresh for longer, no worries! Place your packaged cookies on a level surface in your freezer. Simply remove them from the freezer and let them thaw at room tempertaure the night before your event and they will be perfect! Clients have thawed their frozen cookies after a few months and they were just as soft! DO NOT place your packaged cookies in the fridge. Condensation created from the royal icing can ruin your cookies.
  • What if I want to place a custom order but I don't know what designs I want?
    No worries at all! Placing your own custom order does not mean you have to know every detail of how you want your cookies to look. I can help you design your cookies as much as you want, from color scheme, to art, wording, font, overall theme and feel, you name it! I am happy to work with you as much as you need to ensure that you are getting your dream cookies!
  • How do local pick-ups work?
    Sprinkled. Cookies is located in Santa Clarita, CA which is within Los Angeles county. If you live local, I am happy to arrange a time and place for you to pick up your custom cookies. After your order is confirmed we can chat about what time of day and location works best. LOS ANGELES LOCALS: If you are worried about commuting a long distance I am happy to arrange a middle ground with you that would help with commute time, especially if there is traffic. Although I live in Santa Clarita, I commute to Los Angeles on a regular basis, therefore it is very possible for us to meet up! If pick-up is not possible, I DO SHIP typically within two to four business days.
  • Do you offer allergy-free cookies (gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free)?"
    Unfortunately Sprinkled. does not offer allergy-free cookies at this time. For a full list of ingredients please visit the bottom of the ABOUT page.
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